Best Gift Card App for 2020

Dabbl is the best phone app for gift cards.
There are many gift cards to choose from ranging from $5, $10, $15 and $20
There is also a great referral program.

Here are the details. 

Gift cards available are:

Bark Box
Barnes & Noble
Bed Bath and Beyond
Best Buy
Bloom Brands
Game Stop
TJ Maxx

Referral Program

Whenever someone joins Dabbl through your referral link
and earns 1000 points you will immediately receive 2000 points.
Your referral are listed by phone number in your app.
(Each 1000 points is worth $1.00 USD)

How to earn points

There are several earning opportunities available including
surveys, 30 to 60 second ads, games, and more.

 A completed survey can range in points and some are as high as 500 points.
Even if you do not qualify you are still awarded some points,

For each 3 ads that you watch you will receive 16 to 50 points.

There are many games that you can download and play.
You will receive points immediately once you complete
the requirement for a particular game.

Claiming Gift Cards

Once you reach 5000 points you will be given the option of
continuing to the next level or claiming a $5 gift card.
If you decide to continue to the next level you are given a bonus once
you claim a card.  If you choose to continue to the $20 level
you will receive a 1200 point bonus.  You receive the card immediately.

The gift cards that you have claimed are listed in the app and
you are also emailed a copy of the gift card.

No waiting, and no hoops to jump through!

open this page ( on your mobile phone
and click here to JOIN TODAY